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En la cola para el arca
Una ultima carta

Author: A.Papatheodoulou Kalandraka


Tata?? by Iris Samartzi Ikaros Publishing

The Family Room

Author: M. Giagiannou Psichogios Publ.

The Black Marker

Author : E. Andrianou Patakis Publ.

Είπε ο κήπος

Author: A.Pipini Patakis Publ.


M.Papayanni Patakis Publ.

The Blue Raincoat

Author : T. Katsifi Elevaton Publ.


Author: Kiriakos Haritos Kastaniotis Publ.

Ένα σχολείο Ταρακουνημένο

Author: A. Halikia Ikaros Publishing

Léon Millequestions

Léon Millequestions Author: A.Papatheodoulou Langue au chat

When the sun goes to sleep

Author: A.Pipini Martis Books

Once upon a bear

Author: E.Geroulanou Patakis Publ. Benaki Museum

Cento Gianni Rodari

Einaudi Ragazzi

Πες-πες μια ιστορία

M.Papayanni Patakis Publ.

Don Quixote

Don Quixote Author: Miguel de Cervantes A.Papatheodoulou adaptation epbooks

Summer, autumn, winter, spring...sum

Author: A.Pipini Patakis Publ.

Level up

Author: A.Papatheodoulou epbooks

Black Beauty

Black Beauty Author: Anna Sewell Antonis Papatheodoulou adaptation epbooks

Dr Dolittle

Dr.Dolittle Author: Hugh Lofting Antonis Papatheodoulou adaptation epbooks


Mowgli Author: Rudyard Kipling A.Papatheodoulou adaptation epbooks

Little Women

Little Women Author: Louisa May Alcott A.Papatheodoulou adaptation epbooks

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Author: Lewis Carroll A.Papatheodoulou adaptation epbooks

Classic Retelling stories-Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer Author: Mark Twain-A.Papatheodoulou adaptation epbooks

Elli's wavy sea

Author: A.Papatheodoulou epbooks

Don't read this, please

Author: D.Bogdanos Mataichmio Publ.

Activity book

Children on the Move by A.Papatheodoulou Unicef & the Department for the protection & promotion of children's rights of the Greek Ombudsman

The mermaid

Author : A.Darlasi Metaichmio Publ.

The yellow buoy

Author : T. Katsifi Elevaton Publ.

The magic world of Federico

Author : S. Trivizas Diaplasi books

Travelling with Jules Verne imaginat

Author : A. Papatheodoulou epbooks

Upside down

Author: T.Papaioannou Ikaros books

Bad boy

Author: A. Dalasi Patakis Publ.

Greek Mythology

Author: M.Angelidou epbooks

Blue Circle Society

Author: A.Papatheodoulou epbooks University of Cyprus

The good and the bad pirates

Author: A. Papatheodoulou epbooks

The Labours of Hercules

Author: M.Angelidou Metaichmio Publ.

Evita's treasure

Author: E. Tsitiridou Kalendis publ.

The promise of the prince

Author: V. Koutsiaris Kokkini klosti books

The magic violin

Author: M. Grammatikaki Kalendis Publ.

The little Weaver of Words

Author: A. Papatheodoulou Metaichmio Publ.

Stories War Spun

Author: M.Angelidou Metaichmio Publ.

Tales from a realm still not extinct

Author: E. Bakogeorgou Patakis Publ.

Words on the waves

Author: E.Perikleous Nicosia: The Curriculum Development Unit, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute.

The Lady with the Camels

Author: M.Sfakianopoulou Patakis Publ.

I want to become a Magician

Author: G.Alexandrou Publisher: Psichogios Publ.

The tree that had wings

Author: A.Darlasi epbooks

Tiribibim, the Color Knight

Author:G.Mihail Diaplasi Books


Erotokritos V.Kornaros Adaptation: K.Mouriki- I.K.Tzioti Diaplasi Books

Singalong: Traditional Tales

Author: P.Tsarouhas Diaplasi Books

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