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As an Art directorof Illustradays 2022 "Beam of Light"

“A mind feeling like a labyrinth. I have no idea how this happened since everything was arranged in little boxes. With me being in the central one, the biggest one. That’s a lonely job. Yet, pictures break in, pictures from old stories that I love and hate. New ideas, old ideas, ideas to throw away. Under time pressure, under people’s pressure. Beam of light. The end. An idea which is not a scribbling anymore, it’s a picture. A picture coming out of its box. Is this the end? Or is it just the beginning?”

Here are some photos of the visual I created for this year's festival theme "Beam of Light".

                                                                                                                  Photos by Thalia Galanopoulou+ Myrto Kyritsi + Me                                                                                                     

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